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Stats: 5’10” 200 lbs.

Classical Acting Training: London Theatre School

Degree: BA Theatre Georgia State University

Willing to travel

Film, Television, Web

Price Check                         Tony (w/Parker Posey)              Michael Walker – Pango Films


Lipstick Jungle                     Marc (w/Dan Hedaya)                Timothy Busfield – NBC


“Ultra Violent” Music Video    Abusive Father                         Scott Franklin – DNA


Return to Drinking                 Chris Lukawski                         Onion Sports Network


Unsolved Mysteries              Lead                                         NBC


Protected                            Matt                                        Tim Harris – NY Fringe Festival

Stress Positions                  Buzz Peterson                         Robin PatersonNY Fringe Festival

Bertrand Priest                    Al Steinberg                             Brad Mooy – Arkansas Repertory Theatre

The Sleeper                        Toy Store Salesman                 Brad MooyArkansas Repertory Theatre

The Elephant Man               Carr Gomm                              Cliff Baker – Arkansas Repertory Theatre


Write Me A Murder              Charles Sturrock                       Wil Love – Totem Pole Playhouse


Social Security                   Martin Heyman                         Carl Schurr – Totem Pole Playhouse

2010 - present

2010 - present

Conflicts available on request


One year Postgraduate Classical Acting Course, London Theatre School

Shakespeare Today Workshop, Shakespeare Globe Centre, London

Apprentice Company, Academy Theatre, Atlanta, GA

B.A., Theatre, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA


Special Skills

Certified Actor Combatant, British Society of Fight Directors

Broadsword, Rapier/Dagger, Quarterstaff, Hand-to-Hand

Weightlifting, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball

Accents: British, Cockney, Australian, German, Brooklyn, Irish, good ear for all Southern

Speak French, Driver's License (manual & automatic)

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